Big Brain, Little Brain

The boss, an emotional guy, announces he has a stomach ulcer just a week or two before announcing the elimination of jobs. The timing is not mere coincidence. Causality, however, may flow in a different direction than we are used to thinking.

More and more literature says the gut and the central nervous system are linked in circular fashion. The gut’s nerves – all together, the size of a cat’s brain – play no small role in guiding our decisions and actions. Not only do we reach for the Mexican Wedding Cookies when we should reach for a salad, but we also steer lives and businesses by what the area below our hearts and above our hips is telling us.

My best interactions in the business world have been when I generate a sort of authenticity and insight that feels like it is emerging from the heart, a combination of head and gut, big brain and little brain. It’s the seat of growth and openness.

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