Year 1 of Maine Startup And Create Week, my primary volunteer commitment, was mainly about making some noise. Year 2 (2015, party picture above) brought a little more focus to the idea that this conference can help solve business challenges and generate support for Maine startups. This year, we are building all our programming around problem-solving, innovation and the kind of business growth that can have a true impact on the economy.

We have not forgotten, however, that it’s still all about that noise. That buzz.

Buzz fosters connections between people who otherwise wouldn’t talk. Connections, in turn, solve problems.

Buzz helps with audience acquisition for a business. Audiences, if handled well, become customers and mavens.

Buzz – for me, at least – seems to be the best kind of white noise. It shakes you out of your existing thought patterns and frees you up to be creative.

The best buzz isn’t digital, though. It’s in-person. The ideal room we have in mind for MSCW 2016 sessions will be 40 founders and 30 or 40 super-talented workers who haven’t yet started their own businesses, plus a few dozen passionate investors, advocates and consultants. We call it the ecosystem.

Join the party! Early summer in Maine is awesome.

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