Breakups, Breakthroughs

Movement. Ceaseless change. Growth to the point where growth isn’t possible anymore – nobody involved can see a clear path to a bigger place, a larger share of the rather closely held pie.

Breakup. A choice: Which shards do you keep? Which contain the most life and the most potential for regrowth?

A breakthrough. Some opinion floats in from a nearly anonymous source. Some previously unknown cord of the body, the spirit or the organization wakes up.

In other words, it isn’t the ego – the individual – who finds it. It’s the group. The successful business leader only articulates it. The record-setting athlete only manages to recruit the right cells, at the right time, with all the diverse input from a lifetime in the sport and the many competitors she has faced.

I want to reframe breakthroughs as collective experiences, and I want to increase their frequency. A buddy and I are starting with the field of athletic performance. We just launched a Facebook page to promote the idea. We’ll be pulling groups of athletes together for in-person performance panels in each of our respective cities – Boulder and Stockholm.

It will be mental as much as physical, and I think there’s a viable business in this effort as well. Forward movement will generate the data and the answers.