The basic observation behind this blog is that creativity and personal development – forging internal and communal connections – are fundamental to every grown-up form of work. This is especially true in business, where emotion and confidence are right at the surface.

Every month or two, I dig into an individual word, phrase or concept that bridges the gap between personal development and business methodology. I write a couple hundred words about that association and click “publish.”

Dan’s Background:

I wrote stories with a pen and paper. Then I sold books in a bookstore. Then I sold books in a pop-up store. Then I went digital. F+W hired me. I moved to Maine. I blogged about woodworking. I learned business strategy and we built a new group. The experiments continue, most recently with Energy Circle and with a fitness app concept I launched in 2016.

I have a LinkedIn profile. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook. These days I live in my home state of Colorado.

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